Fanhome Launches Star Wars “Build Your Own R2-D2” Collectibles Subscription

Fanhome Launches Star Wars “Build Your Own R2-D2” Collectibles Subscription

Fanhome Helps Star Wars™ Fans and Collectors Master Their Knowledge of
R2D2™ and the Star Wars Galaxy

New York, NY, August 18, 2021
Fanhome, the leader in subscriptionbased collections and models, and collaboration with Lucasfilm, is giving fans broader and deeper access to their favorite Star Wars characters and stories. Fanhome’s “Build Your Own R2D2” subscription provides unprecedented access to the beloved character with behindthescenes material, littleknown information, and rare imagery. Each shipment includes highlydetailed parts for collectors to build their own R2D2 replica over time and a fully illustrated 16page magazine packed with information that will inspire fans’ mastery of a galaxy far, far away….. Shipment No.1 is currently on sale at the introductory price of $1.00.

With each shipment, fans look behind the scenes to see the techniques used to construct and film the droids, ships, sets and creatures of all the Star Wars films and explore their development from the earliest concept to the final stunning prop models, photographed in minute detail. Fans can learn more about how R2D2 fits into a Star Wars galaxy packed with droids built for every conceivable purpose, from providing medical care to waging war. Beyond their appearance in the movies, collectors can discover their functional features through blueprints, specification sheets and a comprehensive technical analysis. The magazine’s understanding robotics section explains the technology behind the assembly parts. These illustrated articles help readers understand the function of electronic and mechanical parts, including things like sensors, motors, wifi, logic boards and much more.

The Fanhome subscription buildup allows fans to unlock their fandom and assemble a detailed droid replica of R2D2’s mechanical body once all shipments have been received. Every month, fans will receive a shipment of parts and from which they can create their own working astromech droid, just like a member of the Industrial Automation Company. The halfsized model uses parts engineered to look just like the original Star Wars props plus stateoftheart modern electric components. Taking inspiration from the remotecontrolled film prop, the fully functioning halfscale model R2D2 is engineered in the same way and has been authentically detailed based on the droid seen on the silver and small screen.

R2D2 has two modes of operation: userdirected through an app or ‘AI’ mode with independent movement. R2D2’s sensors and powerful motors allow the droid to interact with the world just like the astromech from the films. In addition, the model includes a rotating metal dome with a builtin camera, extendable and foldable arms and speakers and microphones so the droid can respond to verbal orders using a variety of chirps, whistles and lights.

After assembly, Star Wars fans can control R2D2 from their smartphone or tablet via its downloadable app available on Android or iOS. The app allows users to control the model’s movement, head and retractable arms. The droid also projects images of Princess Leia™ or Luke Skywalker™ and records videos and photos of its surroundings. As in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi™, R2D2 has a hidden extra, Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, which will pop up on demand via the app.

More information and details on how to subscribe can be found on the website. The unique buildup model is only available via subscription through Fanhome and designed only for collectors and modelers.

About Fanhome

At Fanhome we are passionate fans of pop culture, from scifi and movies to video games and comics. Our international team of more than 100 people includes expert creators, editors and writers, product engineers, model makers, communication and marketing gurus, logistic masters and a friendly customer service team. Our combined efforts create original collections, magnificent models, and an outstanding experience for you to enjoy. Fanhome products are available through a unique subscription offering that provides fans with the ability to build authentic models and collections over time while diving into the universes they love with curated editorial magazines that accompany each monthly shipment.

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