Fan X 2018 (Salt Lake Comic Convention) was a Star Wars-studded affair with Star Wars actors, panels, and even a Star Wars-themed wedding. This year I was able to meet two of the nicest and most talented actors in Star Wars and I even got to host a panel, making this Fan X one of my favorites.

On the first night of Fan X 2018, my Idiot’s Array co-host Alan Zaugg and I hosted a live panel titled “Yoda: From The Phantom Menace to The Last Jedi and Everything In Between.” Leading up to the panel, I was worried that my wife and kids would be the only attendees, and my wife was a little iffy since there was a true crime panel that she wanted to attend at the same time. But after the room filled up with an engaged crowd and the conversation flowed so smoothly, I didn’t want the panel to end. Alan and I had a great time discussing everything from how much Yoda was to blame for the Jedi Order’s downfall to how much credit he deserves for saving the Jedi in The Last Jedi. The audience had some thought-provoking questions at the end of the panel and it was the perfect start to a fun weekend. You can hear the live panel here.

On Friday, I attended a Star Wars animation panel moderated by James Arnold Taylor, who was joined by Anna Graves (the voice of Dutchess Satine in The Clone Wars) and Freddie Prinze, Jr. (the voice of Kanan Jarrus in Star Wars Rebels). Freddie told the story of when he first read the script for Rebels and thought he was auditioning for a “Star Wars rip off” called Wolf Pack. It wasn’t until he was told by a friend in the studio parking lot that it was an actual Star Wars project that he started to realize what he may be a part of. When he walked into the studio and saw Dave Filoni it finally set in that he was a part of Star Wars.

On Saturday, I went to Ian McDiarmid’s spotlight panel. Star Wars fans have watched his career with great interest and it was fun to hear him talk about his time as Emperor Palpatine and other characters he has played. He also said it was his first time in Utah, but not his last. I wonder if galactic citizens would have been as happy as Ian’s audience was to hear of the Emperor returning.

One of the most unique things that happened at Fan X 2018 was the Obitine wedding, where two lucky Star Wars fans were married and had their wedding officiated by Anna Graves and James Arnold Taylor. Earlier in the weekend I was able to meet Anna and JAT and they couldn’t have been nicer. It was a real honor to meet a Jedi and a duchess and probably an even bigger honor to be married by them.

Some other Star Wars attendees at Fan X included Daniel Logan, Femi Taylor, Pablo Hidalgo, and Tom Spina. Thanks again to Fan X for putting together such a great array of Star Wars celebrities and representatives. It makes Fan X a must-attend event each year for Star Wars fans.

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