WonderCon 2014 is currently underway, and there was a special surprise at the Star Wars Rebels panel – An exclusive clip from the upcoming series!

Vanessa Marshall, who plays Hera, provides the introduction, and here is a description of the action from the Star Wars YouTube channel:

Hera, captain of the Ghost, pilots her starship during a battle with two TIE fighters. Chopper delivers a message from Kanan, currently engaging the TIEs in the top turret. The Jedi is apparently displeased with Hera’s maneuvering. In response, she takes matters into her own hands…

Now, feast your eyes on the video below!

Looking pretty awesome!!

Also, Jedi News UK is reporting that Kevin Kiner – composer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars – will be lending his considerable talents to Rebels as well. All in all, some great Star Wars news today!

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