Recently, Empire shared their exclusive subscriber cover for Solo: A Star Wars Story, and today they’ve revealed two all-new images from the film. The first features Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo during the train heist on the planet Vandor, while the second gives us a look at the gangster Dryden Vos, played by Paul Bettany.

There isn’t anything spoilery about the images, so feel free to check them out below:

The latest trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story had Alden Ehrenreich’s young smuggler confidently proclaim “I have a really good feeling about this” — but that was before he found himself hanging off the side of a high-speed train on the snow-battered planet of Vandor. And that’s exactly where Han Solo find himself in this exclusive image from the film, as seen in the forthcoming issue of Empire.

It wouldn’t be wise to totally trust any character Han meets in the upcoming adventure, but the one to certainly keep an eye on is Dryden Vos — a slick and scary gangster played by Paul Bettany. The character has been hidden away from much of the promo material for the film, but we’ve got a brand new look at him right here, as seen in the forthcoming issue of Empire.

Empire arrives on newsstands April 19.

Source: Empire

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