Don’t Miss These New Books from Friend of CWK, Bryan Young!

Don’t Miss These New Books from Friend of CWK, Bryan Young!


On the lookout for new reading material? Bryan Young — author, filmmaker, co-host of Full Of Sith, writer for, founder of Big Shiny Robot, and friend of CWK — has published two new books, Escape Vector and The Aeronaut. Find out more from the author himself below:

The first is a collection of short stories called “Escape Vector.” Inside, it contains twelve stories of science fiction adventures. Some were published in collections elsewhere over the last few years, but many were written specifically for this volume. Pictured on the cover is an elusive and mysterious bounty hunter named Blackheart.


The second book coming out is a full length novel called “The Aeronaut.” This is a book that has been gestating inside me for more than a decade and the chance to have an audience finally read it. It’s an alternate take on World War I with a bit of a steampunk flair. Technology is such that jetpacks are in use by the French as a way to leap over the no man’s land between trenches.

The book tells the tale of Robert Preston. Preston is an American expatriate who joined the French Aeronautic Corps during World War I. Through his adventures on the battlefield and in the hospital, he meets a woman who cures his death wish, but French Intelligence has other plans for him.


You can order Escape Vector from Amazon right here.

Order The Aeronaut from Amazon here.

For more information on these books, please visit

Thank you to Bryan Young.

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