Darth T-Bone’s Sithly Vanilla Latte: These Wheels are on Fire!!!

Darth T-Bone’s Sithly Vanilla Latte: These Wheels are on Fire!!!

CWK Logo 2 I don’t think I’m the only Star Wars collector that has been aching for a great new line of die-cast. When you consider the Vintage die-cast mini vehicles, Micro Machines, all the way to the Titanium line, we’ve had some pretty good runs in die-cast.

The Prequels landed us some really nice die-cast in the forms of NASCAR and INDY cars. Although, I don’t think anyone was willing to send their $20 limited edition Jeff Gordon 1/64th down the staircase to see how many flips it could do and still land on the wheels.

tm 030315 nascar

At SDCC in 2005 there was hope for Star Wars die-cast cars. Hasbro’s Titanium line was at the peak and red-hot. Hoping to expand the line, Hasbro had two samples from what was called the “Titanium Die-Cast Cars”. (Sorry about the horrible picture, but you can almost make out Vader and Yoda). Sadly, the line was never produced.

tm 030315 001 sdcc05

Hearts were broken (or just mine, unless you knew about them too) until Disney got us covered, even a few years before the Lucasfilm deal. For a while now they have had the Disney Racers, which are character shaped die-cast cars, which I love. The RC versions were a nice addition to the Racers. In 2013 they made Star Wars versions of the CARS characters, which I also love. While both of these are great they are not really available to everyone unless they are Disney Passholders, or willing to pay a bit more on eBay for them.

tm 030315 disney racer rc TM 030315 Doc and Mater

Then in 2014 it happened. Mattel announced a full line of Star Wars themed cars. Mattel and Hasbro both have a Star Wars license? I digress because this could only be awesome. Last year at the San Diego Comic Con I was blown away to know there was going to a real Darth Vader Hot Wheel built on a Corvette chassis. I couldn’t wait to see it and hopefully get one of the exclusive light-up lightsaber-cased versions of the 1/64th scaled Vader cars. Well, at least I got to see the real car. I may not have been lucky enough to get one of the exclusives, but I did get to see the entire line-up and start my checklist a few months early. I noticed myself getting really excited as a collector again. I was finally getting pure Star Wars Hot Wheels!!!

tm 030315 vader car side tm 030315 vader car front

Speaking of childhood, how many of you know someone or were the kid that “had a cases full of Hot Wheels with a box full of miles of track”? I think the track came from a Garage Sale, but I was still “that” kid. I didn’t use my track for sword fights, hoping to poke out an eye with the connector piece. I had elaborate contraptions running down my staircase and would race cars all day long. Seeing those Hot Wheels at Comic Con really took me back to that place.

tm 030315 sdcc 05 tm 030315 sdcc 2 tm 030315 hw sdcc 01 tm 030315 sdcc 03 tm 030315 sdcc 04

When I see something at Comic Con I know it will be a few months before it hits the shelves. I started “doing the rounds” around the end of fall last year. I wasn’t finding anything and getting kind of bummed. Finally I found the Target Exclusive 5 pack on their app. It has Vader, R2-D2, Luke X-Wing Pilot, Yoda, and the exclusive Battle Damaged Stormtrooper. They also had free ship to store, so no brainer – in the “cart”! I asked Santa for the Death Star Battle Blast track set for Christmas. Lo and behold, Santa came through like always. That set came with a launcher and an exclusive car – RD-01. It has still been really hard out here to find the regular cars on the pegs. CWK’s own Jedi Melinda sent me a carded Vader for Christmas. That one stays packaged. I was able to find the 501st Trooper, Tusken Raider, and Darth Maul on my own. I resorted to Amazon to get the R2-D2/C-3PO and Han/Chewie 2-packs that are well worth it if you find them. To stoke the fire even more, for only 98 cents each, you can get eight Wal-Mart Exclusive poster carded vehicles. They are pre-existing, trippy concept cars with SW paint jobs. The cards are the movie posters including a card for Clone Wars and for Rebels. I jumped the gun and got my set on amazon for more than 98 cents each, but I don’t regret it. If I see those “in the wild” I’ll pick up a set to open. As for the rest, they have been opened. The cars themselves are just amazingly detailed and sure to make any Star Wars fan or Hot Wheels collector happy. Details like Vader’s lightsaber side exhaust, Darth Maul’s Double Bladed tail light, Stormtrooper’s blasters for mufflers, and C-3PO’s three gold rims and one silver rim are the little things that appeal to people like us. I have added a standard loop set and a jump set. These have seen airtime, small crashes (paint is still perfect), and have kept me mesmerized for a few hours a couple of nights. Needless to say, the Boy and the Box are Striking Back!

TM 030315 3po r2

Well my fellow Coffee lovers, I hope your 2015 is off to a great start. I don’t know about you (although I do), but I’m in countdown mode for a few key events this year. Between Celebration, Cons, and a certain movie coming out (or AWAKENING) in December, we as fans have a lot to excited about nowadays. OK, that feeling never really goes away – does it? Maybe it’s a little intensified…

Thanks for checking out my blog and stay tuned to Coffee with Kenobi – “The Podcast You’ve Been Looking For” for the latest in Star Wars news and views!

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  1. Tommy Mac aka "DJ Maul"
    February 3, 2015 at 19:38 Reply

    I find it funny how differently we approached these.

    I open almost everything anyway, so when the first wave of cars hit it was a no-brainer – open all the single vehicles but leave the Target Exclusive 5 Pack intact as is.

    Then I found the Walmart line and decided that, even though they were the cheaper made ( and hence cheaper priced) cars, that the cardbacks made them worth keeping unopened.

    I have to start tracking down the second wave of cars now, still need to find that Darth Maul.

    1. Troy Metzler
      February 6, 2015 at 13:34 Reply

      Well Deej, it’s no secret that you and I have our collecting standards. While I would typically keep most items packaged, these were just begging to be played with and enjoyed (by me, I don’t share). In a world of mass production now, it seems that more and more can be opened. If in 40 years these are worth a ton of money I’ll buy you a cup of coffee, soylent green, or whatever is being consumed then.

      1. Tommy Mac
        April 22, 2015 at 22:31 Reply

        I’m slowly starting to figure out how to keep up with comments here. Baby steps back into this world LOL.

        It wasn’t about “worth” or “value” with those particular vehicles; I just liked the packaging art and decided it displayed better that way. 🙂

        1. troy metzler
          April 28, 2015 at 23:30 Reply

          I didn’t open the Wal-Mart cars. That is amazing card art. Now the next one I won’t be opening is the CVII R2-KT, but Boba Fett and chopper are getting opened.

          1. Tommy Mac
            April 29, 2015 at 16:44

            Oh yeah, R2-KT stays in the package, it’s perfect.

            I haven’t yet decided on the Fett and Chopper but will probably open them, I’ve opened all the rest so why not?

  2. Melinda
    February 7, 2015 at 09:22 Reply

    Both of my daughters LOVED Hot Wheels and Match Box cars when they were growing up! I wish these Star Wars renditions were available when the girls were “into” the autos. I can just imagine what fun they would have had had they gotten to meld two of their favorite pastimes — playing Star Wars AND playing with their vehicles.

    I think I was a race car driver in a previous life … I LOVE speed, and while I am not a huge fan of watching auto races, I certainly appreciate the skill necessary to chart the course. I even got the opportunity to participate in a “drive along” on a race course — what a thrill! 🙂

    I have the 5-pack of Star Wars Hot Wheels cars. Dare I say … they’re so cute! 🙂 I couldn’t resist them. 🙂

    Happy Collecting, Troy! 🙂

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