Check out the excellent The Cantina Crew website for Co-Host Dan Z’s first Blog Post on Coffee With Kenobi. The Cantina Crew is full of excellent news and information from fans of the Star Wars saga. From their webpage:

A kind of long time ago… (well not really) in a galaxy that uh… well our galaxy (this isn’t starting off so well) it is a dark time for the refugees. Although The OS was destroyed, social media has driven the rebel forces (aka the nerds who couldn’t let go) from their hidden bases across the internet and forced them to interact with the public. Evading the dreaded Imperial… you know what? Screw this, you want to know what happened? Once upon a time there was a site, an official site that shall not be named (also known as The OS) which decided that forums were no longer cool. No biggie right? Not when you’re talking about a bunch of geeks that practically lived, breathed and learned how to tie their shoes on The OS. The withdrawal was too much for some to handle, so a Facebook group was created to keep us all together as one big dysfunctional family. Eventually another public page was created, it grew, and grew even more, yadda yadda we needed more room so here we are. Basically this is a site for the refugees of The OS and our new found friends. Yeah it’s a Star Wars fan site when you get down to nitty gritty, but the part of The OS where we all originate from was actually the off-topic section known as “The Cantina” (hence the name of this site). So we’ll be a little more diverse here than our Facebook page, we might not share as many funny pictures, but we’ll make it worth your while, so stick around and enjoy the insanity.

Be sure to check out the post, as well as their full web site here.

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