CWK’s Dan Z. Talks to Kieron Gillen About Marvel’s Darth Vader for Comic Book Galaxy

CWK’s Dan Z. Talks to Kieron Gillen About Marvel’s Darth Vader for Comic Book Galaxy


In this week’s Comic Book Galaxy for, Coffee With Kenobi co-host Dan Z. talks with writer Kieron Gillen about Marvel’s Darth Vader series ahead of next week’s finale.

Check out an excerpt of part one of this interview below:

Darth Vader is such an icon, not just for film, but for culture in general. With that kind of legacy comes an incredible amount of expectation, and Marvel’s Darth Vader ongoing series continually delivered. The first issue was published in February of 2015, and the title has since left an indelible mark on the Star Wars saga. With the final installment, issue #25, hitting next Wednesday, October 12, spoke with Darth Vader writer Kieron Gillen about the legacy of Vader, making him a starring character, and how he got us to root for a Sith Lord. Describe your relationship with the character of Darth Vader before you learned you were going to write an ongoing series.

Kieron Gillen: I mean, I always say this when I talk about Darth Vader — the very first movie I ever saw in the cinema was [The] Empire [Strikes Back]. You know, that was the first movie I remember being taken to the cinema to see. Darth Vader was literally the entry point of me into fantasy and science fiction. It’s my entry into public life and geek culture. It’s my kind of formative view into what evil looks like.

So, for me and Jason [Aaron], and I’m sure a lot of Star Wars writers, are on an age where Star Wars was absolutely formulate. So that’s where I shoot with Darth Vader there. He’s like one of the iconic pop cultural villains of the 20th century.

You can read the rest of this interview now at Star Part two of this interview will be available tomorrow.

Dan’s other writings for the official site can be found here.

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