Congratulations to Rob Wainfur, Coffee With Kenobi contributor/blogger – and founder of The Bearded Trio – on his latest CWK entry being featured on the Official Site!

For his latest blog, Top Ten Star Wars Video Games – A Video Countdown, Rob ran an online poll between October and November, and over 800 fans were able to vote on their favorite Star Wars video games of all time. He then presented those results in the form of an excellent video blog. Now, his video countdown is listed as part of the “around the web” section on StarWars.com!

Star Wars Fans Fan Sites and Blogs StarWars.com

If you missed it, you can catch up with Rob’s fantastic entry right here – Top Ten Star Wars Video Games — A Video Countdown.

Check out Rob’s past blogs here.

Be sure to listen to Rob’s Espresso Shot segment on the Coffee With Kenobi podcasts, which you can find archived here.

Last, but not least, visit Rob’s website – a must for fans of George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and John Williams – The Bearded Trio!

CONGRATULATIONS ROB! You do us proud! 🙂

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