If you’ve been listening to our show, you know that co-host, Cory Clubb’s book, Uncanny Day is available for purchase now, via  From

Nolan Day can read your mind. For him, trading classmates secrets for quick cash is simple, it’s the whispering voices and nose bleeds that make it difficult. Things get worse when his latest client decides to step into oncoming traffic. Trying to unravel the mystery of why and right his mistakes, Nolan discovers a darkness lingering inside the mind that threatens human existence, and forces him to confront his own broken past. Nolan’s only choice is to ask a girl who’s out to expose his secret and his dishonest foster brother for help. Although when thoughts become deadly who do you trust?

Early reviews state:

I had the pleasure of reading the advanced readers copy of Uncanny Day, and was very impressed with Cory’s debut novel. The main character is easily likable, the telepathy uniquely done, the mystery engaging and the romantic subplot a strong hook into character empathy. All of these factors combined to make this a fast paced and enjoyable read. I often say that YA is not my thing, but Clubb uses all of the above elements to show me that a good story is a good story, no matter the genre. Nolan Day’s telepathy allows him to see into people’s minds as if they were rooms or places with key pieces of information that he needs to unravel the mystery. This uniquely done magical system engages the reader to remember clues to a case that goes from teenage gossip to the possible deaths of those close to Nolan. His ability and charisma with his best friend and crush has series potential, and reminds me of my favorite show, Castle, but if Rick and Kate were best friends in High School–and of course you added telepathy to Rick’s many quirks.

-Tim C. Ward

This thought-provoking, exciting new YA novel is a must read, sure to delight fans of Young Adult literature, science-fiction, or anyone with a thirst for more exciting stories.  Purchase Uncanny Day today!

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