Core Worlds Couture: Her Universe Princess Leia Hoth Vest Review

Core Worlds Couture: Her Universe Princess Leia Hoth Vest Review

Core Worlds Couture With Jay Krebs

Welcome back to another installment of Core Worlds Couture, the place to be for Star Wars fashion reviews and DIY tutorials from a “mature point of view,” while keeping that youthful, edgy style!

Today I’ll be reviewing the Star Wars Princess Leia (Hoth) Vest from Her Universe. If you’ve been with me previously, you already know that I own (and have reviewed) a lot of pieces from Ashley Eckstein’s fashion product line, so I won’t spend time discussing the background or philosophy of the company, as I normally do in these reviews. We are just going to jump right in!

I had been enamored with this vest since it was teased at San Diego Comic-Con in July, 2017, and had been very patiently waiting for its release. Finally, the wait was over…and it sold out on the Her Universe website the first day it was available! I kept checking back daily, but ended up ordering from Shop Disney as soon as my size was available on that site. First, let’s look at the details:

Product description from the Her Universe website:

“Princess Leia had several iconic looks throughout the course of the Star Wars series, but the white vest she wore on Hoth might be one of our favorites. That’s why we recreated it in this quilted nylon vest that features a front zip with a Rebel emblem zipper pull and chest embroidery. Two zippered hip pockets.

Officially licensed by Her Universe
100% nylon
Wash cold; dry low
Model is wearing size small
Listed in junior sizes”

Additional information from the Shop Disney website:

“You won’t need a tauntaun to keep warm when fitted with this lightweight quilted vest from Princess Leia’s Planet Hoth wardrobe as seen in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
Magic in the details
Lightweight quilted nylon vest
Full zip front
Rebel Alliance Starbird metal zip pull
Embroidered control panel appliqué
Zip side pockets
Part of the Star Wars Collection by Her Universe
The bare necessities
Nylon, exclusive of decoration and fill / metal


As I mentioned, I purchased my vest from Shop Disney, and I paid $44.95, which, as of this review, is still listed as the current price (plus tax). I was able to take advantage of free shipping at the time, but right now there is a minimum purchase of $75.00 in order to get free shipping.

The vest is listed at a normal price of $44.95 on Her Universe, but as of this review, is on sale for $35.95 (plus tax, S/H).

Sizes are available in XS – 3XL on the Her Universe site, XS – XL on Shop Disney. Both sites have a sizing guide available to use. I ordered a medium, and it fits me pretty well. I could have gotten away with a small, but I’m glad I up-sized, because it gives me a bit more room for layering.

It took 10 business days for the vest to arrive (granted, it was during the holiday season, so I don’t know what “normal” shipping time might be), and arrived USPS in a plastic shipping bag.

Overall thoughts and impressions:

My first impressions on unpacking was that the vest is really, really thin and somewhat unshapely. There’s not much bulk at all.

The overall cut of the vest is a bit boxy, as opposed to having a more shaped, tailored silhouette at the waist. That disappointed me at first, because I would have liked to have the option to cinch at the waist a bit (I own a few vests with that option).

The quilted stitching seems to be done well, as does the double-stitched feature on the upper yoke, as well as the reinforced hem around the armholes and bottom hem.

I knew from the pictures that the hip pockets would be straight in-seam, but I would have liked the pockets to be applied at an angle, to be a bit more “ergonomic,” but that is a being a bit picky.

The Rebel Starbird emblem zipper pull gives the vest a nice touch, and the zipper does operate smoothly, as do the zippers on the pockets. The zippers all have some top-stitching, which does help the zippers from getting caught in the fabric body, which is nice.


The “control emblem” patch on the front is applied well, and has a nice, quality look and color.

After I put the vest on with a thin, long-sleeved shirt, I found it to be very comfortable. I still wish it were a bit more tailored, but I do think it looks good on:

I was also very surprised at how warm it actually is. I went outside to take a few pictures, and it was only 15°F! Granted, I wasn’t outside for more than a few minutes, but the vest was relatively warm for being so thin. Nylon is traditionally used as a windbreaker-type material, as well as a filler (originally used as a substitute for wool), so it does make sense that it would be so lightweight, yet warm.

Care and other notes:

The website lists wash care as cool. The label has two dots in, and two lines under the wash statement (meaning warm water, delicate cycle). I usually was everything in cool water anyway, especially to keep things colorfast. The rest of the label translates like this:

Tumble dry, permanent press (low heat)
Non-chlorine bleach
Cool iron

Personally, I would hang to dry, or dry on fluff (no heat), and not bother to iron. Ironing can be very tricky if you use too high a heat, and nylon is very susceptible to melting! The vest was pretty wrinkled when it arrived, but I didn’t do any ironing, etc., to it for these pictures, so I don’t see a huge issue with a bit of a “crumpled” look.

(For more info on Universal Care Labeling, click here)

Final thoughts and rating:

The vest is a nice addition to a Star Wars fan’s wardrobe for an everyday cosplay touch. Am I super impressed with it? No, not for the price tag, but that’s to be expected from any licensed Star Wars/ Disney item. Another frustrating thing is that the sizes never seem to be restocked very well online.

Overall, this vest receives a 3.5 out of 5 Galactic Credits Rating, for price, fit and overall quality.

I hope you found this review to be helpful! Do you own this vest? What are your thoughts? I would love to hear from you!!

Please leave any comments or questions below, or you can contact me on one of my many social media accounts (see below)!

As always…may the Force be with you, and remember…

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