Core Worlds Couture Style Update: Jamberry Nail Wraps

Core Worlds Couture Style Update: Jamberry Nail Wraps

Core Worlds Couture With Jay Krebs

In an October edition of Core Worlds Couture, the first series of Star Wars Jamberry Nail Wraps were presented and reviewed.

Since then, Jamberry has introduced an updated line of Star Wars nail wraps, which has expanded the total line to 27 different Star Wars styles, including some “junior styles” for little hands!

The 13 new Jamberry Nail Wraps styles now available, expanding the collection to 27 styles

I mentioned in my last review of the opportunity to become a Style VIP, which allows the subscriber to save 15% on every purchase and express checkout for $15.00 annually. Because I had such a good experience with my first round of wraps, I decided to take the plunge and subscribed. I ordered eight packs, taking advantage of the “buy 3, get one free” offer as well (which actually reduces the price of each wrap set by $3.75).

“First Order” by Jamberry

“First Order” 10 days after application…and after Christmas & New Year’s Eve!

The shipment arrived in six business days after I placed my order, and I have been just as pleased with this second round of wraps thus far, having tried two of the styles since I received them. You can see in the picture here what the “First Order” style held up 10 days after application – there was some shrinkage and wrinkling of the wrap design, which is normal, as well as a but of fraying along the edge of the nail (also normal), and I felt the wraps held up very well against the barrage of holiday gift wrapping/unwrapping, food prep, housekeeping/dish washing and general daily life.

Do you have experience with any Jamberry products? Have any more tips for application or removal? I would love to hear any thoughts or reactions you’re willing to share, and I hope you found this update and review helpful. Please leave your thoughts below, or you can contact me on one of my many social media outlets!

As always…may the Force be with you, and remember…

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  1. Christina
    January 5, 2018 at 07:53 Reply

    Hi Jay, I am a fellow Star Wars and Jamberry fan and appreciate your posts on these new wraps! I bought Galactic Unrest back in October and wore it to the opening of The Last Jedi. Like my other experiences with the wraps, I too see them last about a week. I have a 3 1/2 year old and I am also constantly washing, prying things open or struggling with a car seat and generally wrecking havoc on my nails. These SW wraps, like the others, hold up pretty well.
    Just wanted to pass along a tip about removal of the wraps. I would be careful about pulling them off, because the adhesive can be damaging to nail. Soak the nail wraps briefly in any ol’ nail polish remover and gently ease them off with a cotton ball soaked in remover. I also apply some Burt’s Bees lemon butter cuticle cream after the wraps come off and I wash my hands. Helps to moisturize the nail and keep them in good shape.

    Thanks again for the posts-keep then coming!

    1. Jay Krebs
      January 5, 2018 at 14:00 Reply

      Thanks so much for your reply and suggestion! It’s great to hear from people who have had experience with these products, and can lend some great advice!
      You’re right – the adhesive can be a bit damaging if not careful when removing the wraps. I like your suggestions a lot, and I will have to try the Burt’s Bees trick! Especially this time of year, as the cold, dry weather is not kind to hands, indeed!
      Take care of yourself, enjoy your little one, and May the Force Be With You!
      Hope to hear from you again sometime!

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