Core Worlds Couture: Star Wars Flex Watches Review

Core Worlds Couture: Star Wars Flex Watches Review

Core Worlds Couture With Jay Krebs

Welcome back to Core Worlds Couture – the Star Wars fashion review blog with a mature view on style, yet keeping a youthful edge! This edition’s review features the Star Wars line from Flex Watches. I had first heard of Flex Watches from an ad on my Instagram line, and decided to check them out. After looking at their site and their mission, I was very interested in what they had to offer – not only in style, but in their philanthropic ideas and mission.

A little bit about Flex Watches:

The company was started by two lifelong friends, Travis and Trevor, who decided to create a product that would help people give back, based on a simple choice such as buying a watch. A quote from their about page reads as follows:

“We all make choices every day. And even though the problems in this world are really really big, the small choices we make can add up to a big difference. FLEX is all about those choices.”

Every watch purchased donates 10% of sales to some sort of charitable cause. Trevor’s mom is fighting breast cancer, for example, so 10% of every watch sale goes to the Keep A Breast foundation. There are other organizations, such as Alzheimer’s research, The Kindness Campaign to promote anti-bullying, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, and many more. To find a full list of charities, start on the home page and visit the organizations from there. As of the writing of this review, Flex watches has donated over $59,000 to the various organizations with which it partners.

The Star Wars line of Flex Watches donates their share “to educate children in need.” As it says on the watch box packaging “it’s time to make a difference, one galaxy at a time.

Flex Watches also has a fundraiser option, allowing any organization to design a watch for their particular event or cause.

College students can sell Flex Watches wholesale, and can earn college credit and/or money by becoming a campus rep, and committing to raising awareness for a cause. Check out the Campus Rep page to see if this might be a good fit for you or someone you know.

The Star Wars Line – Specs and Details:

There are seven different designs available in all, and each retails for $40.00. You can also opt to spring for the entire Star Wars Collector’s Pack for $280.00, including all seven designs (which still works out to $40.00 per watch). There are two different watch face sizes: a “classic” size, and a “mini.” The mini is just slightly smaller, measuring in at 30 mm (just over 1”) wide, vs 45 mm (closer to 2”) wide for the classic-sized face.

The Star Wars Flex Watches full lineup. Image: Flex Watches

All Flex Watches have interchangeable faces made from plastic on the top and around the face, and steel on the back plate.

The bands are made from silicone. The idea is that you can pop out the face/timepiece and switch with other bands in their product line. There is a tutorial video on the site to help in the process.

Products are listed as water-resistant up to 5atm and 165 feet, and have a two-year warranty (check website for additional warranty details).

The site advertises free shipping on all products, all the time, to all U.S. orders. There is also a gift card option as well.

For payment, a wide variety of options are available, including Amazon Pay, Apple/Android Pay, PayPal, Amex, and all major credit cards.

My experience with Flex Watches:

I was able to get two different designs: “The Geo Universe Mini,” and “The R2-D2 Classic.”

Image: Flex Watches

Image: Flex Watches


The packaging/box is so much fun –- white, black and grey, with images such as The Death Star, Millennium Falcon and TIE fighters. It has a removable base where the watch sits, and underneath is the message “May the Force Be With You.” Not the most stable cardboard packaging, but good for display and/or simple storage.

The colors on the Geo Universe are very vibrant and the designs on both watches are very vivid. There is no mottling of color or outline of image on either. Both bands feature the design on the outside only.

The bands themselves are super soft and comfy. They are very flexible and not irritating. I have somewhat sensitive skin, and these did not bother me at all. There are a variety of sizes for fitting the watch in place on your wrist, so many wrist sizes can wear these comfortably. The largest possible wrist fit I measured was at 7 ¼”in circumference, and the smallest fit at 5 ½” in circumference (My wrist is 5 ¾”, for reference). There are a total of nine fit holes for the size you need, with a matching silicone slider to keep the strap in place. The buckle itself is made from metal.

Steel back on timepiece and underside of watch band

I also measured the thickness of each watch’s timepiece, which I was unable to find anywhere else on the site. The thickness of each face from wrist to top measures ½” tall for the mini, and just over 5/8” tall for the classic.

Initially, I was afraid perhaps the size of the classic style timepiece would look and/or feel too bulky or gaudy on my small wrist, but I really like the look and feel of both sizes.

Mini on left side of image; Classic on right

The timepiece itself has a design that mimics the watch band, featuring the same icons/pictures at various “times” on the face, and the brand name Flex at three o’clock. The stem pulled out easily and the time was easy to set. It also has a three-hand movement (with a hand for seconds as well as hour and minute). It has a noticeable ticking sound if you hold the timepiece to your ear, but not loud enough to be heard otherwise that I could detect, even in a very quiet room.

There are over 2900 verified customer reviews on the site, and overall the watches have received an average of 5-out-of-5-star-rating. There is a return policy if you need to send back your watch for any reason, so be sure to check the stipulations there.

As far as company communication, I was very pleased with the timeliness (no pun intended), and response of the staff at Flex Watches. I had been in contact via e-mail back and forth several times, and never had to wait more than a day to receive professional, friendly communication. The watches arrived super quickly and were securely packaged in a sturdy shipping box.

My final rating and reactions:

These watches definitely deserve a 5/5 Galactic Credits Rating! They are super stylish, well-made, comfortable, and a definite statement piece in any Star Wars fan’s collection! I would highly suggest getting his-and-hers matching styles! The best part of purchasing these watches is knowing you’re helping give back to a charitable cause, so it’s certainly a win-win in my book! Lastly, the awesome customer service is a huge factor in this rating. I will continue to “watch” the career of this company with great interest (yes, bad Palpatine pun intended)!

Fresh from the mailbox – and I was even wearing my CWK Celebration Anaheim t-shirt on mail day!

I hope you have enjoyed my review! Do you own any Flex Watches? If so, I would love to hear about your experiences with the product(s) and/or the company! Post your comments here, or you can contact me on any of my social media outlets listed below. Twitter is always the best way to get in touch with me, and you can tag me @JoyceKrebs and #CoreWorldsCouture in any Star Wars geek fashion pictures you post!

As always…may the Force be with you, and remember…

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HUGE thanks to Flex Watches for providing me with these watches for review!

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