Core Worlds Couture: Musterbrand Review

Core Worlds Couture: Musterbrand Review

Core Worlds Couture With Jay Krebs

Greetings from the Star Wars fashion realm! Welcome (or welcome back) to Core Worlds Couture, the Star Wars fashion review blog that brings you the mature side of geek fashion, while keeping that youthful edge!

In this edition, I will be reviewing two pieces from Musterbrand’s new Star Wars fashion line: Sith Apprentice Cardigan and Rebel Pilot Cape. Both of these pieces are a great addition to your Star Wars wardrobe, and especially with the recent release of The Last Jedi, both items make for great theater wear!

Here you will find specifics about the company, each piece in detail, care instructions, how to order and my final ratings. Be sure to check out my video for a visual rundown of how these two pieces look as they are worn, how they were boxed and some other fun facts and details!


Let’s get to know Musterbrand!

From the website: “Musterbrand prides itself as being the leading designer label of premium pop culture apparel and accessories. Founded in 2010 by Knut Jochen Bergel, Musterbrand has established a reputation of high quality, chic designs based on the biggest franchises in entertainment, such as Star Wars, Street Fighter, Assassin’s Creed, Halo, World Of Warcraft, and more.

Musterbrand blurs the lines between fashion and gaming like no apparel lines have before. Each item is crafted in partnership with the studio’s development teams, ensuring authenticity that resonates with fans.

As I perused the site, there are actually tons of fan genres represented: Legend of Zelda, Avengers, Game of Thrones, and DC Comics (Superman and Batman) just to name a few!

The Star Wars collection includes a wide variety of pieces for both men and women, and features items styled around some of our favorite characters and iconic Star Wars images. Rey, Luke, Darth Vader, The First Order, and Cassian Andor are all represented in pieces ranging from scarves to sweaters; to coats, and even bikinis and men’s board shorts!

First up in this review: Sith Apprentice Cardigan

Image: Musterbrand

Product description from the website:

“The Sith Apprentice cardigan is made of a high quality light-weight fabric. It comes with a thin gauge hood and is based o the iconic design of Kylo Ren. The rippled sleeves and Knights of Ren badge clearly indicate the allegiance of the wearer. The asymmetric shape and cut accentuates the women’s silhouette.”

The fabric composition is 68% Viscose, 29% Polyacrylic, and 3% Elastan. Watch my video for some specifics about these materials. Care label photo is below.

Performance, wear and other specifics:
The overall look of this lightweight sweater has so many great details. It’s become a fast favorite in my wardrobe! The ribbed detail on the sleeves, thumb holes at the wrists, the double-breasted button closure, and the waffle knit detail combine to make it a perfect everyday cosplay look. I love the sithly hood and leather Kylo Ren patch on the sleeve, too! The sweater just feels like it encompasses you in comfort! The 3% Elastan makes it presence known in the way the cardigan stretches, yet maintains its shape without sagging or getting droopy, especially in the sleeves. I wore it to dinner after the movie, so of course I had to take my thumbs out and fold the wrist cuffs up (I was NOT going to get any patty melt grease on my sweater)!

Musterbrand does such a great job of paying attention to details, and I appreciate each and every one of them – it really speaks volumes to the quality of their pieces in general.

As I mention in my video, I was a little afraid the full length of the sweater may have overwhelmed my small frame, as I am 5’2” tall, but this is not the case. The drape and flow, as well as the cut of the sweater’s design are sure to compliment the height of any wearer.










(Note: the lighting with each of these shots were slightly different. The sweater’s true color is a perfect, deep, Kylo Ren black.)

Size and Pricing:

Sizes are available in XS – XXL, and there is a size chart on the site to help you get the right fit. To give you an idea, I am wearing a medium.

Price is listed on site as $129.99. Musterbrand offers free shipping on orders of over $50.00, so this would bypass any shipping costs (anything less would incur a blanket $9.99 charge). There is a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee on all of their products, or you can choose to exchange your item as well. The site accepts all major credit cards, as well as PayPal.

Final reactions and rating:

As I said, I have fallen in instant love with this piece. I am sure it will get lots and lots of wear. I highly recommend it as an addition to any Kylo Ren fan’s wardrobe, and it definitely receives a 5/5 Galactic Credits Rating!

Next up: Rebel Pilot Cape

Image: Musterbrand

Product description from the website:
“This cape is inspired by the look of the iconic rebel pilot jumpsuits in the Star Wars saga. The bright orange color and rebel alliance badge clearly indicate your allegiance. The ripple knit detail on the front adds a unique highlight to the overall dashy look. The cotton / acrylic mix composition is super-soft to the touch.”

The fabric composition is 53% Cotton, 47% Acrylic, and it really is as soft as the description says. See care label picture below. One thing I noted about the care label in the video is that it is toward the bottom of one of the side edges, and that I would be removing it for the look. I just want to reiterate that you should NEVER CUT anything knit. It will unravel and you will have a ruined piece of clothing. Always carefully use a seam ripper to catch the stitching of the care label ONLY. Be sure to keep it for reference, too!

Performance, wear, and other specifics:

This cape is also pretty lightweight, but unlike the Sith Cardigan, you can really layer some bulk under this one if you desire.

This cape is one-size-fits-all. It is very blankety and easy to wear, and I would suggest to pair it with a scarf for a really pulled-together look. Once again, you can check out my video for the wear look, drape and overall style idea of this piece.

As with the Sith Cardigan, the details on this cape are fabulous. I adore the rebel alliance badge on the back – just a subtle enough hint that this is a Star Wars piece. The orange is such a perfect match to the rebel coloring, and the creme really compliments the color palette as opposed to what a harsh white might do.

As a note for storage care, II would suggest folding the sweater neatly in a drawer or hanging it in an overlapping pants-style on a hanger, as the design and weight of the piece would most likely drag it down if hung traditionally, resulting in possible misshapen areas at the shoulders.

Price and sizing:

As I mentioned earlier, this is a one-size item, so that takes the guesswork out of it, for sure!

Price is listed on the site at $69.99, and follows the same shipping and return specifics I mentioned above.

Final thoughts and rating:

This is a really fun piece that I feel could be very versatile in its look! I need to experiment a bit more with some wear idea on this one, so be sure to check my twitter account in the future for updated style ideas! This piece also gets a 5/5 Galactic Credits Rating, as it definitely holds up to the Musterbrand standard of quality, detail and wearability!

Thanks for reading (and watching) this review, and HUGE thanks to Henrik at Musterbrand for sending these two amazing pieces to me!

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it to be helpful! Do you own anything from Musterbrand? What are your thoughts? Please leave any comments or questions below, or you can contact me on one of my many social media accounts (see below)!

As always…may the Force be with you, and remember…

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