Core Worlds Couture: Musterbrand Ahsoka Galactic Swimwear Review

Core Worlds Couture: Musterbrand Ahsoka Galactic Swimwear Review

Core Worlds Couture With Jay Krebs

Welcome back to Core Worlds Couture! Thanks for joining me for this review, which features the Ahoska One-Piece Swimsuit from Musterbrand’s Galactic Swimsuit Collection!

This isn’t the first piece from Musterbrand I have reviewed, and that being said, I have definitely come to appreciate their overall quality, customer service, fast shipping and unique look of their products. You can always check out my other Musterbrand reviews for more fangirl fashion fun!

So, let’s dive into this swimwear (yes, pun intended)!

Description highlights from the website:

“The elegant one-piece swimsuit with dashy colours based on Ahsoka Tano’s look in Star Wars – The Clone Wars and Rebels.
• Bathing suit for women with quick-dry fabric and removable cup-inserts
• Please check the size chart for our women’s bathing suits in the image gallery
• Musterbrand is more than just merchandise. Highest quality – latest fashion – no compromise”


Listed at $49.99 USD, plus S/H.

Musterbrand accepts a variety of payments, including PayPal. As I mentioned, Musterbrand does have super-fast shipping to the US (the items are manufactured in – and ship from – Germany via UPS). If you find other things you like on the site, they offer free shipping for orders over $75.00. There is also a 30-day return policy. See website for details.

Swimsuit in package as received


Back view and inner lining as received in package

Materials, fit, and construction details:

Consisting of 85% polyester, 15% Elastin, this swimsuit is smooth, stretchy, and dries very quickly, without it feeling like it’s sticking to you all over. The elastic around the shoulders, leg holes and back are sturdy, but do not feel like they’re too constricting. I didn’t feel as though the shoulders were going to slip off at all, but it does not feel overly tight, either. The fit is comfortably snug.

Back view Image: Musterbrand

The knit itself seems very durable. The outer material is pretty thick overall, which definitely lends itself to a more comfortable and confident wear when wet.

The suit is completely lined on the inside, which is appreciated for durability, and giving a more body-flattering silhouette.

There remains a decent flexibility of movement. I think it would be great for swimming, or even playing some beach volleyball. The cups and sports bra-type top section give the wearer a good amount of support, but I don’t think I would do my traditional sunrise beach runs in it! The removable cups come out at the top section of the tank. They were a little tricky to get out and in, but not too bad. I definitely suggest removing them before washing, so they keep their shape, and hand-wash separately if necessary (see more about care in the section below). The bottom elastic section of the tank is stitched to the lining with a serged edge.

Closeup detail of inner sport bra lining and removable cups

The little details of deign are clever – Ahsoka’s head-tail stripe placement in the design, as well as her skin color, added to the sides of the suit along the waistline, give the wearer a slimming look. The stripes in the bottom back section give a more flattering “illusion” as well, and speaking for ladies everywhere – we appreciate all the help we can get!

As with all Musterbrand pieces, you will find the company logo as a little charm stitched to the right shoulder area of the tank. There’s also the Firebird Rebel symbol on the left shoulder area, as part of the fabric design.

As for specific size fit, I received a medium. I usually wear mediums in most swimsuits anyway, so I feel like the suit is true to size. I do know, however, that some people are not exactly the same size top-to-bottom, which can be tricky for a one-piece sometimes. If you are big “up top,” this suit might be a bit snug in the size you might normally wear, so I would suggest ordering a size up. There is a very specific size chart on the site, so I would recommend checking that out before you order.


(From the website): “Machine wash 30°C gentle/ do not bleach/ do not iron/ do not tumble dry/ do dry clean/ do not use fabric softener/ wash with similar colours.”

As with any swimsuit, bleach will kill the elasticity. I would suggest using a very gentle detergent like Woolite, and washing by hand, then hang to dry to prolong the colors, fit and elasticity. See the photo insert above for actual care label.

Final reactions and overall rating:

For me, this Ahsoka one-piece swimsuit definitely deserves a 5/5 Galactic Credits Rating! It’s fun, well-made, flattering and reasonably priced for a suit of this quality. How the colors and construction hold up over time remains to be seen, especially if you’re wearing this as a go-to item for the pool or hot tub (as I mentioned, bleach/chlorine is not a friend to the longevity of swimwear). However, I would be comfortable predicting that this suit would easily last at least 2 summer seasons of regular wear, which is definitely worth it!! I would also be willing to wear this as a body tank with shorts or capris – I think it would look super-cute!

A HUGE thank-you to Musterbrand for sending me this swimsuit!! I always appreciate your support and generosity!

(Yes, that’s me in the picture, in all my 47-year old glory! I wanted to show what the swimsuit looks like on a “normal” person…if I qualify lol! Be kind!)

Thanks for reading! Do you own this swimsuit, or another one from the Musterbrand Galactic Swimwear line? If so, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!! You can add your comments below, or you can contact me on any of my social media outlets listed here.

As always… May the Force be with you, and remember…

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  1. Melinda Wolf
    July 21, 2018 at 08:15 Reply

    Jay, the suit looks smashing on you! It is as if it was tailor-made just for you. 🙂

    I have to admit I was surprised to see the swimsuit in my (usual) size. I don’t wear bathing suits very often … but this one certainly is tempting, especially given its overall “feel” that you point out. I am of an age where comfort — especially in something like a bathing suit — is paramount. 😉

    (One quick note: Musterbrand lists this suit at 49 Euros, not dollars; of course, the exchange rate fluctuates, but as of July 21, that converts to about $57 US.)

    Great article. And again, the suit looks fabulous on you!

    MTFBWY 🙂

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