Core Worlds Couture: Her Universe Solo Tie Neck Tank Top Review

Core Worlds Couture: Her Universe Solo Tie Neck Tank Top Review

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Welcome to Core Worlds Couture once again, where you can find fun, fashion, fandom, frugal finds, and a “mature appreciation” of modern style (it’s true, all of it)!

Today’s review takes a look at the Her Universe Solo Tie Neck Tank Top. This tank has become a fast fashion favorite in this summer’s wardrobe for many reasons, but mainly because…well, SOLO! Let’s take a look at the item in more detail, and see if it wins this season’s fashion run fair and square.

Product Description, Features, and Care:

(From the Her Universe website): “70s fashion is all about comfort, and what’s more comfortable than a flowy tank top, especially in the heat of summer? This navy tank from Star Wars is inspired by the newest film, Solo: A Star Wars Story. It has thin straps, a flowy A-line style, and a keyhole neckline with long tassel ties. Featured front and center is a colorful print of two Millennium Falcons surrounded by bright flowers. We think Han would approve.

• Officially licensed by Her Universe
• 100% polyester
• Wash cold; dry low
• Model is wearing size small
• Imported
• Listed in junior sizes”

The site lists the tank as polyester, but the care label shows a fiber content of 100% rayon (see photo), so I’m not quite sure what the confusion is – was this a misprint on the site, or a mistake in the care labeling of the garment itself? Either way, I would suggest following the care instructions as listed – cold water wash, hang to dry, non-chlorine bleach only (I wouldn’t use bleach at all, personally), cool iron if necessary. As an additional precaution, I would hand wash the tank, mainly to help preserve the longevity and look of the tassel ties.

Is it polyester? Is it rayon? I’m betting my credits on rayon

Getting back to the product as a whole, I adore the fact that the Her Universe Solo line takes its inspiration from 70s fashion. The costume design for the movie relied heavily on influences from Blondie, Twiggy, Jimi Hendrix and other 70s iconic looks. It’s great to see the fandom fashion choices staying in line with that feel.

The material of choice is a thinner crepe-type textured fabric, and is cut on the bias, giving it super drapability.

The printed design is thin and soft enough that it doesn’t add chunkiness or bulk to the fabric, and the colors are vibrant. The bold flowers are a great design choice to offset the mechanical look of “Lando’s” Millennium Falcon (escape pod intact between the mandibles).

The thin straps are a great look with the rest of the overall shape of the tank. They measure in just under 1/2”, and in the heat of the summer, thin straps are always welcomed in my wardrobe! The tassels are a perfect finishing touch, and I find myself absentmindedly playing with them a lot as I’m wearing the top!

Strap width measurement for reference

close-up of the tassels

Price and Sizes:

Currently listed on the Her Universe website at $26.90 for junior sizes and $28.90 for plus sizes, plus S/H. Her Universe typically runs 20% off sales on a pretty regular basis, so you could potentially snag this top for around $21-$23. There is a size chart on the site to help take the guesswork out of getting the right fit. I usually wear a medium, but in this case I ordered a small, and I’m glad I did. Due to the baggier, “flowy” nature of the design as a whole, the smaller size did a nice job of keeping the look without making the fit look overly baggy.

I purchased this tank in a bit of a spree with a few other items, and they all arrived in a plastic shipping bag (all items individually bagged as well) in 13 business days. I have been a customer of Her Universe since its inception, and one thing I’ve come to expect is unpredictable shipping times from the main site. Sometimes the items arrive very quickly, and there have been times I’ve waited up to three weeks for items I’ve ordered, depending on demand and availability.

Hot Topic also carries this tank (Her Universe was partnered with Hot Topic in October, 2016). As of this review, the tank was listed on sale for $13.45-$15.45, and is able to be combined with Hot Cash, so if you are a frequent shopper at Hot Topic, you could potentially get a huge bargain.

Image: Hot Topic

Image: Hot Topic

Final Reactions and Rating:

This is a really great summer tank. I have worn it to everything from cookouts, to graduation parties, to simple summer outings. It is easily one of my favorite additions to my current wardrobe. I am giving this tank 4.5/5 Galactic Credits Rating, only because of the confusion in fiber/care label and the not-so-fast shipping. Otherwise, I highly recommend this tank for any fangirl who loves Star Wars!

My bestie and fellow CWK blogger Pam Bruchwalski (left) and me (right) on our way to the Solo: A Star Wars Story premiere!

Post-Solo selfie. Can you get a sense of the pure joy after my first viewing? But that’s another story…

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you found this review to be helpful! Do you own this top, or anything else from the Her Universe Solo Collection? If so, I’d love to hear from you! Do you have any questions or comments about this product or my review? You can leave your comments below, or contact me on any of my social media outlets:

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