Core Worlds Couture: Espionage Cosmetics Nail Wraps Review

Core Worlds Couture: Espionage Cosmetics Nail Wraps Review

Core Worlds Couture With Jay Krebs

wrap package Welcome back to all of my companions in Couture!

This week’s Core Worlds Couture review features some fun nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics. I was originally turned onto this company through social media from San Diego Comic Con this past July. Fellow fangirls were posting pictures and Periscope videos of the nail wraps they got at the Con. I’ve never tried nail wraps before, so I figured I would give it a shot!

A Bit About the Company: Espionage Cosmetics was created in 2011, “after a professional makeup artist and an active duty Marine partnered to scheme ways to take our nerdy, geeky passions and combine them with our love of makeup. We didn’t just think outside the box, we threw the box away and it’s working!”

The company has all sorts of geekery products, ranging from makeup to bath and body products (I know what I’m getting for my sons’ stocking stuffers this holiday), and even greeting cards! You can also purchase a gift card, called “Nerd Cred,” for that person in your life you just can’t seem to decide what to get. There is also a blog and tutorial section, so if you’re not quite sure how to use or apply their products, the tutorials have you covered.

There are also two types of customer loyalty subscriptions, called Nexus and BOOM!Box. Each of these has a month-to-month or even yearly prepay charge (with automatic renewal for all), and the subscriber receives a variety of products, depending on what type of subscription is selected.

Being a new customer and not familiar with their range and quality of products, I decided to order three packs of Nailed it! nail wraps. Between their licensed designs and standard designs, there are currently 95 types of wraps to choose from. All of the wraps are latex-free, and each description page lists all of the ingredients in a specific wrap, so you can check for any allergens or sensitivities.

Price: Anywhere from $5.00 a pack (for discontinued designs) up to $12.00 per pack, plus S/H. Orders above $50.00 ship free. Once you have items in your cart, you can estimate shipping. The site accepts a variety of payments, including PayPal.

Shipping Time/Satisfaction of Packing and Shipping: I received the nail wraps in six business days after placing my order. They arrived in a shiny silver bubble envelope, with a silver stretchy bow around them. Each package had the quote “We find your lack of nail art disturbing” (Star Wars reference – oh, yeah)! There was also a cute, geeky little postcard, proclaiming “Hello, fellow nerd! Quest Completed!” It was a very fun mail day!20160810_112149

Instructions and Ease of Application: The instructions on the package were very clear and easy to understand. There is also a link to the tutorial printed on the package, in case you would need a visual aid, but I found the wraps to be very simple to apply. There are a variety of sizes (14) to fit most nails, but you can always use a file or a pair of clippers to get just the right fit. They are very forgiving for placement: I had to peel and replace a couple before I had them fitted exactly as I wanted on my nail. After the last step, when a clear coat was applied and had dried (I used Cina clear coat), it took me about an hour total to apply from start to finish. The package says “One nail file and less than 10 minutes gets you two weeks of nerd nails,” but if you want them to really last, I can’t imagine 10 minutes giving you a quality application!

Performance and Durability: I honestly didn’t think these wraps would be as durable as they proved to be. Two weeks? I’m tough on my hands. I gardened, washed dishes by hand (a lot), went bowling, lifted weights, and was even putting up bulletin boards and cleaning my classroom in those two weeks. Guess what? They performed beautifully. I had a little bit of wrap shrinkage and nail growth during that time, but I had to remove them myself at the two-week mark! If you are a nail-picker, though, I can’t tell you if they will perform as well for you.


After one week, this is how the wraps were holding up! (Design is called “Steampunk 2.0”)

As for the wraps themselves, you need to use them as soon as they are opened. Once they are exposed to air, they will dry out quickly. There is a product for sale on-site called a humidor, which keeps extra wraps from drying out. I might have to invest in this at some point, because I hate to throw out the four wraps I didn’t end up using.

Removal: Simply run a fingernail under the wrap and peel it off. The directions say to then wash nails with soap, sanitizer or polish remover. There is a sticky residue after peeling off the wraps. I tried both acetone and non-acetone polish remover, but there was still a bit of stickiness left, even after washing and scrubbing my nails. So, I tried GooGone, and that worked perfectly! The site also lists vegetable or coconut oil as a way to remove residue, but I didn’t try either of those.


My nails looked really healthy, too. I usually use a gel polish kit at home, and that has always made my nails brittle and yellow-looking. These wraps did nothing of the sort.

My Overall Rating/Reaction: Since these are the first nail wraps I’ve ever tried, I don’t have a basis for comparison against other brands. However, these wraps from Espionage Cosmetics delivered in every way. I was impressed from start to finish, and I will be replacing my gel polish routine with these wraps. I normally don’t wear any nail polish at all once the school year starts, because I’m always afraid to chip or even pop off a gel coating into food or ingredients at school (I teach mainly culinary courses). Also, in my experience, gel polish does not stand up well against dishwashing, because a moisture layer gets under the gel and lifts the polish over time. I would get a maximum of 5-7 days of an at-home gel manicure before having to do touch-ups or complete nail re-paints. Not true with these wraps. I had my hands in a lot of water over the two weeks I wore them beautifully. I will probably try them on my toenails at some point, as well!

As For My Numbers: This is the first product thus far in Core Worlds Couture to receive 5 out of 5 Galactic Credits! I’m completely in love with these nail wraps, and highly recommend them!

Here’s a shot of my newest Espionage Cosmetics nail wraps manicure! This time, I even added temporary tattoos from Love and Madness as a way to build some Star Wars nail art into my amazing mani (and these wraps even glow in the dark – woooo)!


I think the Star Wars temporary tattoos really take this design to the next level! (Design is “Sex Criminals”…hey, I don’t name ’em, I just buy ’em!)

Have you tried these nail wraps, or any other products from Espionage Cosmetics? I would love to hear from you!

Leave your comments below, or you can contact me directly! My favorite social media vice is Twitter, just so you know!

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