For issue nine — not 10, we swear it — things get deep as we discuss the conclusion of Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens — Shattered Empire, noting not just its role in leading up to The Force Awakens, but how it exemplifies a shift in attitude toward major female characters not named Princess Leia or Mon Mothma, that being that they not just survive, but appear to thrive.

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Of course there is some debate about the so-called Jedi trees that form the central plot device in the fourth issue and we do draw some parallels to Abrahamic religions and the Jedi Order.

We also discuss how a narrative effect can take place when the main character of a comic book has no dialogue whatsoever, aside from growls, grunts and maybe some contended glottal tongue rolling. Yes, it must be asked: Do Wookiees purr? Hear our debate as we discuss the first two issues of the new Star Wars: Chewbacca five-issue mini-series.

We continue the deep dive into Darth Vader, which is gaining speed and traction, again, as Vader’s plots and machinations continue to stay a step ahead of the Imperial Sherlock Holmes. Jeff and Matt note, almost wistfully, that even amid that hard, ebony armor, there may be a crack of some actual humanity left, a splinter of Anakin, at least when it comes to Doctor Aphra.

And Kanan: The Last Padawan #7 takes us back to the Clone Wars — that’s a good thing. A total good thing, given we see glances of Anakin and learn more about the order’s training and how redemption comes in sundry different ways.

We also talk about LINE Webtoons bringing the popular South Korean telling of the Original Trilogy to the web and via its app. Given that it originally was going to remain Korean-only, the telling has provided some interesting nuances and glances into the Original Trilogy.

Finally, we’re going to give away a digital copy of Marvel’s reissue of the Return of the Jedi four-issue mini-series, a deluxe remastered edition this truly amazing to behold. Listen to the end to find out how to get your chance to win it cheap-as-free.

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