Kanan #4 Continues to Excel, a Return to Tattooine in Star Wars #7 and a look at our favorite Star Wars Tales published by Dark Horse Comics

In today’s show, Jeff McGee and Matt Moore talk about Marvel Comics’ Star Wars #7, which sports the first of what we hope will be several one-issue tales about Obi-Wan Kenobi during his time on Tatooine, watching over Luke Skywalker.

We also break down the latest events in Kanan: The Last Padawn, seeing as issue #4 sets the stage for the next big step that sees Caleb Dume transform — mind and body — into Kanan Jaruss.

Then we take a deep dive into the Star Wars Legends titles, picking out our top five stories from the stellar and oh-so good Dark Horse Comics-published Star Wars Tales. Oddly enough, some of our picks correspond, including the top choice, which is a tear-jerker and a mind-blower. Go on and read it for yourself. You’ll see what we mean!

And, for the first time ever, stay until the end for outtakes and flubs! Best fun you’ll ever have. Seriously.

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