Comics With Kenobi #22

Comics With Kenobi #22

Despite technology’s best effort to thwart them, Jeff McGee and Matt Moore are back for another issue, diving deep into Marvel’s Star Wars comics from September, including Star Wars #22, The Force Awakens #3, Han Solo #3, Poe Dameron #5 and Darth Vader #24.

There’s some fuzzy sound during the episode — The First Order tried to jam our broadcast, no doubt — but it’s worth getting through it, given the piercing commentary and observation about August’s stories.

Listen to the Show here!

Trust us, dear friends, there’s some significant character development with regard to some classic characters, development that goes a long in underpinning who they are and what they become.

There’s also a bit of a surprise in one of the comics, a particularly green Lepi that may, or may not, be the fabled Jaxxon.Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.48.56 AM



It doesn’t matter. It’s always nice to see that Lepi in the pages of Star Wars comics!

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