Comics With Kenobi #21

Comics With Kenobi #21

We’re live from Takodana! (Sort of.) We’re at the same issue as the monthly Star Wars comic! (For now.) We’re also talking comics! Five of them, to be exact, and in a rare convergence, Jeff McGee and Matt Moore liked them. For real. A lot.

StarWars21 TFA2 HanSolo2 PoeDameron4 DarthVader23

Find out our thoughts and weigh in with your own (in the comments below, naturally) as we make the comics equivalent of the Kessel Run through Star Wars #21, Poe Dameron #4, Han Solo #2, The Force Awakens #2 and Darth Vader #23.

Listen to the Show here!

That’s not all, either. We’re bringing you up to speed on the latest Marvel Star Wars comics news, too, including what’s going on with a third monthly series, what was announced at Star Wars Celebration Europe and San Diego Comic-Con as well as a rather heated discussion about Grand Admiral Thrawn and whether he’d be a great subject for a new mini-series.

Couple of quick updates, too, not heard on the podcast:

_ Darth Vader #25 has been pushed back to Oct. 5. We know, we felt it, too. BUT … it’s got some amazing variant covers planned. Read this and you’ll see what we mean.

_ Also delayed is Star Wars: Han Solo #4 and #5 to October and November, along with Star Wars: Poe Dameron #7 to October.

We can’t say why because Marvel won’t tell us why, but that’s comics.

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