We’re really flying Solo this episode. Seriously. No lie. Why? Because the first issue of Star Wars: Han Solo came out and we read it. Know what else we read? Everything. If it was a Marvel Star Wars comic and it came out in June, Matt Moore and Jeff McGee read it. It’s true. All of it.

Listen to the Show here!

TomAkel Know what else is true? Jeff and our special guest, Tom Akel, head of content at LINE Corp., apparently went to the same convention years ago and didn’t even know it. Small world, eh? Yes it is. But not small enough to contain us as we talked Star Wars, web comics and so much more with Akel whose company, LINE, brought to the U.S. the excellent English-language version of the Original Trilogy with vibrant art and some new story detail that is part of the canon.

So, sit back, adjust the volume and listen in and if you agree with our comments and conclusions about the comics we talked about — Darth Vader, Star Wars, The Force Awakens and Han Solo. If you don’t, let us know, too! We’re eager to read your thoughts and whys and hows.

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