There’s a dearth of Marvel Star Wars Comics these past two weeks, but Kanan No. 3 has ramifications for Star Wars: Rebels that were huge in their scope and emotionally-wrenching in their effect. Matt has a fanboy crush on Pepe Larazz and doesn’t care who knows it!

Ever wondered why digital comics cost the same as print comics? So did we, so we asked Todd Allen to answer that question. What he revealed will leave you thinking for a long, long, long time. Want to read Todd’s book, “Economics of Digital Comics,”? You can read his comics reportage at The Beat and Publisher’s Weekly.

We also talk about Dark Horse Comics’ amazing stable of Star Wars stories that are A) Now legend and B) Being republished by Marvel.

Daniel Warren Johnson is an artist living the dream thanks to his spirit of never giving up and a wife whose support has been critical. The artist on Dark Horse’s amazing “Ghost Fleet” comic series written by Donny Cates, Johnson explained why he wrote and illustrated the wordless love story “Green Leader” and how he’d love to do a Jek Porkins story sometime soon, or, at least a commission of the famed but unfortunate X-Wing pilot. Catch his weekly webcomic, Space Mullet, on Mondays and Thursdays. You’ll be glad you did.

From Korea, we talk, briefly, about the Korean-language Web comic Star Wars: Story Before The Force Awakens, a new look at the original trilogy that is running through January online, but only in South Korea and not in English, at least not officially.

From London, Jeff talks to the amazing singer and songwriter Chris Cape, whose Star Wars fandom is deep and wide and tall and, we might add, whose voice is the one you hear as we start the show. Jeff and Chris dive deep into what drew the singer to the Saga and why he’s transferring it to music.

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