Comics With Kenobi #17

Comics With Kenobi #17

We waited. Then we waited some more. Then we waited even more.

December? No. January? Nope. February? March? Maybe. What about April? OK, yes. For real this time.

C3P0 More than four months after it was supposed to be released, the Star Wars Special: C-3PO one-shot by James Robinson and Tony Harris was finally released on April 13 and Jeff McGee and Matt Moore simply couldn’t — and wouldn’t — wait another two weeks to talk about it. Who could, really?

Our verdict? It was worth the wait. Why? Listen to our first — and not likely last — one-shot special episode focusing on a special one-shot.

Listen to the Show here!

In other words, “This is madness!”

As for more droid escapades, the Marvel reprints of its classic Droids series from the 1980s is being bundled with all 14 issues of its Ewoks title, both of which were published previously by Dark Horse Comics, too. Look for the hardbound, $75 edition on June 1 at your local comic shop.

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