We took advantage of the extra day this year to read some more Star Wars comics. Now, we’re talking about them! Are you? Then let’s do it together, why don’t we.


Star Wars #16 (A double truck!)



Kanan #11

Co-hosts Matt Moore and Jeff McGee swing through four issues in this month’s outing, including the penultimate issue of our favorite Kanan, as well as back-to-back issues of Darth Vader and, lastly, but not least, the new story arc “Rebel Jail” that begins in the pages of Star Wars 16.
StarWars16 DarthVader17
We also discuss the big plans Marvel has for the upcoming Star Wars: Poe Dameron monthly that debuts on April 6 in comic shops worldwide, as well as discuss our preference for Mel Brooks’ films and so much more.

The common thread? Solid stories from writers Jason Aaron, Kieron Gillen and Greg Weisman, along with outstanding art from Leinil Yu, the Dodsons, Pepe Larraz and Salvador Larroca, too.


Darth Vader #16 (See some familiar faces?)

February was, in short, an amazing month for Star Wars comics, replete with tales of revenge, calculated scheming, unbridled optimism and fierce pragmatism which is what we love about these tales. They’re not just placeholders to tide us over between episodes of Star Wars: Rebels or to bide time awaiting the latest film in the cinema. These stories are verdant gifts that build on and expand the Saga’s reach, depth and drama.

Don’t take our word for it here. Give us a listen. It’s the best decision you’ll make today.

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