Comics With Kenobi #12

Comics With Kenobi #12

Vader’s down and on the ground, but seems to be holding his own, while Han and Aphra are knocking about like a Galactic version of the Three Stooges. On Coruscant, comics readers get a first-hand glimpse into deep-cover Rebel espionage and learn Emperor Palpatine handles all his own PR. Seriously!


Star Wars Annual 1

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While we may be light on issues — it’s just Star Wars Annual #1 and Star Wars #13 — this 12th issue of Comics With Kenobi is laden with detail and discussion from hosts Matt Moore and Jeff McGee about the ongoing Vader Down Crossover and the pulling back of the curtain on Coruscant, too.

It’s also the last issue of 2015, but fret not, this is no maxi-series. We’ll be back early next year and keep this series chugging ahead with a sense of continuity, purpose and dedication, too.

In the meantime, to fill the cold, black empty space left between issues, how about the notion of a Hangout some weekend. A chance to gather through the magic of our contemporary HoloNet and talk comics, Star Wars and more? If you’re interested, let us know in the comments below or send us an email.

And if you’re in the mood for last-minute holiday apparel, our T-shirts make great gift ideas for those you love and as a way to wipe away those bitter tears while watching The Force Awakens. Maybe.

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