Comics With Kenobi #11

Comics With Kenobi #11

Vader is down, but actually Darth Vader is really up. So far up that all the hype surrounding the six-issue crossover IS worth it! He’s also amazingly lethal and so precise that it’s scary. Sidious plus Dooku plus Darth Maul plus Kylo Ren scary.

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But that’s just one part of this issue of Comics With Kenobi as hosts Jeff McGee and Matt Moore examine how Caleb Dume reacts to becoming a padawan in the pages of Kanan #8 and agreeing that the Han Solo’s wife storyline, while intriguing, was a bit of a letdown and, frankly, took far too long to wrap up.

Still, Star Wars #12 was dynamic, with Han Solo again taking up a lightsaber, along with Chewbacca and Leia, while readers are — we think — introduced to the 501st, aka Vader’s Fist, in the new, established canon.

Meanwhile, we continue to love on Chewbacca which, with #4, continues to its quick, breezy pace while showcasing not just the wookiee we love, but the pugnacious Zarro, too.

Then we turn back to Vader Down, blasting through Darth Vader #13 which is a thrill ride because of its cinematic influences, superb story flow and character development.

Also, did we mention that we’ve got clothing for sale? Just like Dobby, we have clothes! Check them out and see what we mean!

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