Comics With Kenobi #93 — Deus Ibi Est

Comics With Kenobi #93 — Deus Ibi Est

Marvel’s ambitious, 27-issue Age of… maxi series begins its run with a potent yet divisive first issue, Age of Republic — Qui-Gon Jinn, while in Star Wars #58, readers are enveloped with some seriously solid character development that has us rethinking our long-conceived notions about Han, Leia and Luke.

From IDW comes the second issue of the three-part Star Wars Adventures: Destroyer Down reprint that proves, again, an all-ages comics can have a real resonance.

In news, we break down November’s Star Wars comics sales ranks, welcome Chris Ryall back to IDW Publishing and offer up some film recommendations, too.

This week’s Star Wars comics include:

  • Star Wars: Age of Republic — Darth Maul
  • Han Solo — Imperial Cadet #2
  • Doctor Aphra #27
  • Star Wars Vol. 9, collecting the “Hope Dies” arc (issues 50-55 and Annual 4)

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