Comics With Kenobi #88 — Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken

Comics With Kenobi #88 — Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken

Heavy hearts as we mark the passing of Stan Lee, who co-created some of Marvel’s most enduring characters and, thankfully, reconsidered his position against adapting a yet-to-be released sci-fi film that was to be called Star Wars by Marvel (thank you, Roy Thomas, for convincing him otherwise!).

We remember Lee for the visionary that he was and will never forget him.

In this episode we tackle three comics — two from Marvel and one from IDW — and come away with some salient observations about character building, what makes an artist great and how a writer makes a story sing. The issues include Star Wars #56, the first issue of the five-issue Star Wars: Han Solo — Imperial Cadet and Star Wars Adventures: Destroyer Down #1 (of three). Each has its some strong moments that left us wanting more.As for news, October wasn’t kind to Star Wars comics, with just two titles finishing in the top 100 — you read that right — as sales continue sauntering vaguely lower. We also talked about the latest John Tyler Christopher exclusive, an action-figure cover variant that features Princess Leia in her award-ceremony togs that can only be acquired through John’s web site.

This week’s Star Wars comics include:

  • Doctor Aphra #26
  • Darth Vader #23

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