Comics With Kenobi #76

Comics With Kenobi #76

Sheev plants the shiv deep into Vader’s back while Doctor Aphra contends with a troubled past and a very uncertain future as we discuss the events of Darth Vader #20 and Doctor Aphra #23.

There’s also news about the addition of Poe Dameron artist Angel Unzueta to the flagship Star Wars monthly title and a second Solo: A Star Wars Story-inspired mini series that starts in November.

And don’t forget to check out A Star Wars Comic artist Alex Ray’s online shop. To celebrate the comic he and Jim Mello created — and have nurtured to new heights — a movie-style poster has been created by Alex that’s for sale. It’s a beauty and worth checking out and, more importantly, purchasing, too.

This week’s Star Wars comics include:

  • Lando: Double or Nothing #4
  • Poe Dameron Annual #2
  • Star Wars Adventures #13
  • The Last Jedi Graphic Novel Adaptation

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