Comics With Kenobi #75

Comics With Kenobi #75

From the backstory of Solo: A Star Wars Story’s mercurial Tobias Beckett to Charles Soule holding nothing back in the penultimate issue of Poe Dameron, this past week’s Marvel Star Wars comics delivered action, daring and an ominous undertone of dread.

Join Matt Moore and Jeff McGee as they parse the multilayered intricacies of the Beckett gain in the pages of the wonderfully wrought Star Wars: Beckett one shot, as well as the grandeur and glory of Black Squadron — that final page! — of Star Wars: Poe Dameron #30.

There’s also news, a brief conversation about October’s debut of Star Wars: Resistance, John Tyler Christopher’s upcoming Jabba the Hutt action-figure variant cover and so much more.

This week’s Star Wars comics include:

  • Doctor Aphra #23
  • Darth Vader #20
  • Star Wars: The Classic Newspaper Comics Vol. 3

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