Doctor Aphra’s gone to jail, Mon Cala’s king gets charred, Rey finds her balance and Sana Starros and Luke Skywalker encounter a very miffed, but nostalgic Darth Vader as the Sith rule of two gets tossed out the window to better avoid Palpatine’s wrath. Meanwhile, an old friend from the now-Legends Heir to the Empire trilogy sees the best in Han Solo and Chewbacca.

Such are the previous week’s Star Wars comics, as well as our contained reaction to Solo: A Star Wars Story, news about Marvel’s August Star Wars comics and so much more.

Remember, if you’re reading Star Wars comics “… with us, you’re in this life for good.”

Comics discussed in this episode:

  • The Last Jedi Adaptation #2
  • Doctor Aphra #20
  • A Star Wars Comic #15
  • Star Wars #48
  • Star Wars Annual #4

This week’s Star Wars comics include:

  • Star Wars: Lando — Double or Nothing #1

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