Blood, porgs, flashbacks, surprise reveals and water, lots and lots of water. From Mon Cala to Ach-To, this past week’s Star Wars comics enveloped one end of the Saga to the other and did not disappoint.

Join us for this week’s episode as we break down the events of Darth Vader 16 — arguably the single most stunning Star Wars comic issue this year, so far — as well as the solidly paced adaptations of The Last Jedi 1 and Thrawn 4.

We also talk about the fifth anniversary of Coffee With Kenobi, how it’s grown and how happy we are to be part of the family. There’s also mention of Daniel Jose Older’s thoughts about what Star Wars comics he’d be keen on writing and, more importantly, about whom.

Finally, if you’re a fan of original art, be sure to check out artist Michael Walsh’s web site for a chance to purchase his original art from The Last Jedi 1.

This week’s Star Wars comics include:

  • Poe Dameron 27
  • Poe Dameron, Vol. 4 Trade Paperback, collecting issues 20-25 and Annual 1

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