Comics With Kenobi #52

Comics With Kenobi #52

There’s a flood of departures affecting Star Wars comics published by Marvel and IDW Publishing, including long-time editor Heather Antos, whose last day was March 9, but whose name will remain on the credits page through May, IDW chief creative officer Chris Ryall’s announced departure and friend of the show and IDW PR guru and superb scribe Steven Scott.

Meanwhile, there’s news to be had about Star Wars Adventures‘ Free Comic Book Day offering, LINE’s decision to adapt Claudia Gray’s novel, Leia, Princess of Alderaan, for its web site starting in May, Star Wars‘ comics return to the industry’s monthly Top 10 sales charts and some conjecture about Jaxxon.

And did we mention that we parse, dissect and discuss Star Wars #44, the beginning of a new story arc focused on Mon Cala?

It’s true. We do.

The new Star Wars comics out this week include:

  • Darth Vader #13
  • Thrawn #2

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