Comics With Kenobi #25

Comics With Kenobi #25

Oh my. So much Star Wars comics from November in this episode.

So much we even had to include an issue from December, too, to be sure we got them all.

How many? Six. Just like the original trilogy plus the prequel trilogy.

Listen to the Show here!

But it’s worth every audio minute and every single panel on every single page to hear Jeff McGee and Matt Moore get a bit emotional over the conclusion of the deftly written Star Wars: Han Solo mini-series, as well as the adroitly executed eighth of issue of Star Wars: Poe Dameron.

hansolo5 poedameron8

Then there’s the superb storytelling of the Star Wars Annual #2 and the conclusion of “Last Flight of the Harbinger” in the main Star Wars monthly.
starwars25 starwarsannual

Lastly, we conclude the adaptation of The Force Awakens mini-series by diving into issues five and six.
tfa5 tfa6

Oh, and there’s talk of grits. And Spam. Seriously.

Also, Darth Maul!

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