Comics With Kenobi #143 — Somewhere That’s Green

Comics With Kenobi #143 — Somewhere That’s Green

Plenty of camp and chills and thrills and spills and lots of water in this episode, thanks to Marvel’s Star Wars: Journey to the Rise of Skywalker: Star Wars — Allegiance #2 and IDW Publishing’s Star Wars Adventures — Return to Vader’s Castle #3.

In Allegiance, we find that while old ties are to be cherished, they’re not necessarily steadfast, and in Vader’s Castle, Asajj Ventress finds out firsthand how invasive predators can wreck a world.

There’s also news and more views, too.

New Star Wars comics out Oct. 23, include:
_ Star Wars #73
_ Star Wars — Allegiance #3
_ Star Wars Adventures: Return to Vader’s Castle #4
_ Galaxy’s Edge Trade Paperback (collecting issues #1-5)
_ IDW’s Return of the Jedi Graphic Novel Adaptation

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