Comics With Kenobi #140 — Looking for an Echo

Comics With Kenobi #140 — Looking for an Echo

October’s Star Wars comics started off strong with creepy suspense in the Return to Vader’s Castle #1, the first of five weekly issues from IDW Publishing, while in Marvel’s Star Wars #72, Luke Skywalker went full farm-boy rube, losing his lightsaber in the process. In Doctor Aphra #37, Chelli finds herself bound to Darth Vader as the new, and likely last, arc takes flight with new artist Caspar Wijngaard and the march toward The Empire Strikes Back increases its steady pace.

As for news, we’re breaking down Marvel’s plans for the third volumes of Star Wars and Darth Vader, which are due for release in January and February, with stories set firmly between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi written by Charles Soule and Greg Pak and illustrated by Jesus Saiz and Rafaella Ienco. We’re also hopeful about Doctor Aphra, too, given those at the Lucasfilm Publishing panel said she was very much returning in 2020, likely with bounty hunters being involved.

Star Wars comics out Oct. 9 include:
_ Journey to the Rise of Skywalker: Star Wars — Allegiance #1
_ Star Wars Adventures: Return to Vader’s Castle #2
_ Target Vader #4
_ Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order — Dark Temple #3
_ Galaxy’s Edge #5 (2nd Printing)

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