Comics With Kenobi #139 — You’re the Best

Comics With Kenobi #139 — You’re the Best

The Age of Star Wars maxi series concludes with a stirring, if not brutal, conclusion as Kylo Ren proves he’s better than Darth Vader, while Beilert Vance has Ben’s grandaddy in his crosshairs in Target Vader #3. Jedi Fallen Order — Dark Temple #2 sees an intriguing and decidedly nefarious plot get under way, with Cere Junda stepping up to take on the mantle of hero.

Suffice it to say, Star Wars comics were quite edgy and actionable and we’ve got some opinions — strong ones, too — about what they entailed.

This week’s Star Wars comics out Oct. 2 include:

_ Star Wars #72
_ Doctor Aphra #37
_ Return to Vader’s Castle #1

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