Comics With Kenobi #131 — Drive It Like You Stole It

Comics With Kenobi #131 — Drive It Like You Stole It

New character Warba Calip throws Luke Skywalker for a loop — is she down with the ways of the Jedi or just a grifter looking for an easy fall guy? — while Dar Champion, despite the rampant corruption on his planet, has a thought or two about Leia and Han’s plans to rain the Empire’s rage on his home.

That’s the gist of Star Wars #70, our lone Star Wars comic title that’s discussed in depth on this week’s episode, but it’s not the only thing, either.

We examine the July “sales” results for Star Wars comics, discuss this week’s Star Wars Adventures annual and its stories and welcome a new and unofficial Star Wars canon tracker app, HoloCanon.

This week’s Star Wars comics out this week, Aug. 14:

_ Star Wars: Target Vader #2
_ Star Wars Adventures Annual 2019

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