Comics With Kenobi #128 — Salt in the Wound

Comics With Kenobi #128 — Salt in the Wound

We remain deeply enamored of the Doctor Aphra series, with issue #34 delivering all the right beats, while TIE Fighter #4 has us in an odd position: Rooting for the bad guys.

So much new Star Wars comics news is discussed, too, particularly news that Charles Soule is taking “Ben to Ren” in December’s four-issue mini series The Rise of Kylo Ren, as well as the covers for October’s four-issue weekly mini series Star Wars: Allegiance and IDW Publishing’s five-issue Star Wars Adventures weekly mini series Return to Vader’s Castle.

We’ve also got some amazing fancasting for a Doctor Aphra film or live-action TV series by way of Twitter’s Elliemagique that left us so inspired.

This week’s Star Wars comics out this week, July 24:
_ Star Wars #69
_ Star Wars Adventures, Vol. 6, The Flight of the Falcon

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