Comics With Kenobi #127 — Gold Dust Woman

Comics With Kenobi #127 — Gold Dust Woman

New arc, new creative team, new characters, new worlds and more in Star Wars #68, while readers who haven’t read Phasma get a brutal look at how Captain Phasma, and the First Order as a whole, in the pages of Age of Resistance — Captain Phasma #1.

Both comics add more layers to Star Wars‘ history while paying homage to those that came before them, giving readers a more detailed tapestry of things yet to come.

In news, Doctor Aphra is back in the top 100, according to June comics sales stats, while Darth Vader cements his status as a top draw for buyers of Star Wars comics, too. We’ve also get signing details for IDW Publishing’s Star Wars Adventures creators at SDCC and much more.

This week’s Star Wars comics out this week, July 17:
_ Doctor Aphra #34
_ TIE Fighter #4

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