Comics With Kenobi #126 — Target

Comics With Kenobi #126 — Target

Beilert Valance returns in a book that’s conceivably about Darth Vader but is, in fact, the bounty hunter book we’ve been craving since 2015. Such is the breadth of Star Wars: Target Vader #1 and how it’s not what many thought it was to be.

Meanwhile, Finn’s past is given more backstory in a story that sows the seeds of his personal rebellion as Star Wars: Age of Resistance — Finn #1 leads readers into the Sequel Trilogy era.

In news, we talk about Cavan Scott’s interview about this year’s Star Wars Adventures annual, the latest addition to Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars roleplaying game and more.

This week’s Star Wars comics out this week, July 10:
_ Star Wars #68
_ Age of Resistance — Captain Phasma #1

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