Comics With Kenobi #120 — Maps and Legends

Comics With Kenobi #120 — Maps and Legends

Just two issues but so much to talk about, thanks to not just Vader — Dark Visions #4, but Marvel’s return to legends and lore with Star Wars #108, a sprawling, ambitious and immensely satisfying nod to the original 1977-86 run of Marvel’s first volume of Star Wars.

The over-sized issue is so immense that we asked Mark Paniccia, who oversees Marvel’s Star Wars comics, to join us and discuss how the issue came about, what it took to shepherd the story to fruition and so much more.

There’s also news about Age of Rebellion second printings and more.

This week’s Star Wars comics, out June 5, include:
_ Star Wars: Age of Rebellion — Luke Skywalker #1
_ Star Wars Adventures #22
_ Star Wars — Solo: A Star Wars Story Trade Paperback (Collects the seven-issue mini series)
_ Star Wars Adventures — Destroyer Down Digest (Collects the three-issue mini series)

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