Comics With Kenobi #113 — Part of Your World

Comics With Kenobi #113 — Part of Your World

From Doctor Aphra #31 to Galaxy’s Edge #1 to Vader — Dark Visions #3, we’re intrinsically focused on which Star Wars comics thrilled us, left us reeling and disturbed us.

To help unpack the discourse about Vader — Dark Visions #3, Amy Wishman Nalan joins us to talk about the book in all its scope and why it struck a chord among readers. (To see some of the Daaé Leíra art and fix-it fiction mentioned, start here and here and here.)

On the news front, we chatted about the March “sales” figures for Marvel and IDW’s Star Wars comics as well as Avengers: Endgame (no spoilers, naturally).

This week’s Star Wars comics, out May 1, include:

  • Star Wars #65
  • Star Wars: Age of Rebellion — Han Solo #1
  • Star Wars Adventures: Flight of the Falcon One Shot
  • Star Wars Original Marvel Years #50 Facsimile Edition

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