Comics With Kenobi #112 — Sad Night, Where Is Morning?

Comics With Kenobi #112 — Sad Night, Where Is Morning?

Two comics yet four stories — five if you count the excerpt of Alphabet Squadron — and numerous new characters along with some familiar faces, too, in the pages of Star Wars: Age of Rebellion — Special and the start of the new TIE Fighter mini series.

This week’s episode sparks a lively debate about how serious a Star Wars story should be and whether the Saga as a whole glosses over the loss of life that is the conflict between the Empire and Rebellion.

This week’s Star Wars comics, out April 24, include:

  • Star Wars: Vader — Dark Visions #3
  • Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge #1
  • Doctor Aphra #31
  • Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: Empire, Vol. 5 (Collects 1994’s Star Wars: Droids #1-6 and Special, 1995’s Star Wars: Droids #1-8, Star Wars: The Protocol Offensive #1 and material from Star Wars Galaxy Magazine #1 and Star Wars Tales #16 and #20)

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