Comics With Kenobi #105 — Seen Your Video

Comics With Kenobi #105 — Seen Your Video

Just a single issue this episode, but it’s got enough story beats, action and verve to fill up an entire story, but that’s not surprising, given how deliciously weird and wild Star Wars: Doctor Aphra has been since the character’s introduction in the pages of Darth Vader, Vol. 1.

As such, Doctor Aphra #29 is inarguably the best issue so far of this story arc, and we’ll explain our reasoning behind our assertion. Agree? Disagree? That’s OK because like this stellar comics series, it’s the different approaches that make it standout with such zest.

As for news, we weigh in the utter balderdash that is Marvel Comics going the way of the dodo and, also, a personal message, too.

This week’s Star Wars comics, out March 6, include:

  • Star Wars: Age of Republic — Padme Amidala #1 (One shot)
  • Star Wars: Vader — Dark Visions #1 (of five)
  • Star Wars #62

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