Comics With Kenobi #101 — The Freshmen

Comics With Kenobi #101 — The Freshmen

The Star Wars comics this week — Doctor Aphra #28 and Solo: A Star Wars Story Adaptation #4 — are emotionally draining yet exhilarating, too, whipsawing readers through a range of despair, elation and betrayal.

Why? Great writing enmeshed with superb illustrating to tell these stories.

We’re also discussing the latest news about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and wondering what the announced IDW all-ages Galaxy’s Edge comic may be about, as well as the rundown of the podcast stage at April’s Star Wars Celebration in Chicago (lots of familiar faces in that crowd!).

This week’s Star Wars comics, out Feb. 6, include:

  • Star Wars: Age of Republic — Anakin Skywalker #1
  • Star Wars #61

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