Comics With Kenobi #44 — The Delilah S. Dawson Interview

Comics With Kenobi #44 — The Delilah S. Dawson Interview

From Phasma to Porgs, writer Delilah S. Dawson is a fan favorite among Star Wars literature fans and, now, thanks to her work on IDW Publishing’s Star Wars Adventures and Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, comics, too.

A writer of renown and long-time Star Wars fan, she joined us to talk about her stories in Star Wars Adventures #5 and #6, as well as the upcoming Forces of Destiny — Rose and Paige, along with her career putting pen to paper to create such stirring stories.

So sit back and enjoy this Comics With Kenobi conversation and afterward, be sure to check out Dawson’s web site, Whimsydark, and follow her on Twitter, too.

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