Comics With Kenobi #42

Comics With Kenobi #42

IDW Publishing makes a strong debut with the first of its five-issue Star Wars: Forces of Destiny series, while in the pages of Marvel’s flagship Star Wars monthly, Luke Skywalker’s bright light dims as he tackles a very real vestige of the dark side on the Jedha moon in issue 41 of Star Wars.

In news, comics fans who enjoy reading head canon should take a look at the latest offering from Sam Bradbury, a budding comics writer and artist from Manchester in the U.K.

The first issue of his series, titled “Spark of Defiance,” is available on the Bradbury Comics web site.

Also, a question: Why was Marvel editor Heather Antos watching Revenge of the Sith for work? We have some half-hearted, humorous and wholly ill-informed guesses.


The new Star Wars comics out this week include:

  • Darth Vader #10
  • Star Wars: Forces of Destiny — Rey

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