Comics With Kenobi #41.1: Young Padawans Edition

Comics With Kenobi #41.1: Young Padawans Edition

Luke goes missing and Leia goes undercover, while Emil Graf shares stories about how bullies can be overcome not by force, but by compassion, and gives us a history of … PORGS!

The Young Padawans — Emily and Micah — join Amy, Jeff and Matt to talk about the tales told in IDW Publishing’s Star Wars Adventures #4 and #5. (Jerry’s not around this episode, on account of the fresh snow, a steep hill and a sled that was calling to him.)

Both issues feature stories written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, Landry Q. Walker and Delilah S. Dawson, with art by Eric Jones, Annie Wu and Arianna Florean, colors by Charlie Kirchoff and Lee Loughridge and letters by Tom B. Long and Christa Miesner.

And let’s not forget the editorial guidance from Peter Adrian Behravesh, Bobby Curnow and Denton J. Tipton, too!

We guarantee it to be porg-tastic!

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